Know pain and stiffness pos ANA elevated ESR fatigue family history of RA but dr says it's osteoarthritis does this sound right? Go to rheumo anyways?

See Rheum. Given the elevated ESR and positive ANA i would recommend you see rheum. If you are a 28 yo female you are the "right" age where RA and/or lupus etc. Need to be ruled out.
Doubt osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis usually is not associated with an elevated esr. Joint pain, a positive ana+elevated+fatigue in a young female is suspicious for a collagen vascular disease, not necessarily ra. Suggest you proceed and see a rheumatologist.
Yes. Get a second opinion. Although many patients have +anas, an elevated ESR and multiple symptoms are pointing to a rheumatic condition. There are many diseases along the spectrum including seronegative rheumatoid arthritis, anklosing spondylitis, , mixed connective tissue disease. I hope you feel better soon.

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Knee pain and stiffness elevated ESR pos ANA fatigue normal X-ray family history of lupus and ra. Does X-ray rule those out? What could be wrong

? Knee xray only tells us how much gross damage or deformity is present what you are probably dealing with is inflammation you should discuss this with pcp and prbably get referral to rheumatologist could be either lupus or RA or both or possibly something else. Read more...