I think I have a virus. Terrible knee pain, fever and dizziness. Then 3 days later cold symptoms. My joints ache but knees worst. Had flu shot.

Likely flu. That sounds like a flu, however reactive arthritis may happen with other viral infections. Check with your doctor to exclude strep as well since it could also effect joints, cause fever, but even more dangerously, cause heart and kidney problems.
Having a flu. Shot isn't a total guarantee that you won't catch influenza. If your symptoms aren't resolving please seek evaluation.

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Mother 86, bed ridden due to knee joints gone. Prone to flu therefore got flu shot 10 months back. Currently having cough may she again get shot again?

Influenza. The influenza vaccine is typically given once a year. While it does not necessarily protect all individuals all of the time, a cough in a person who has already received should be re-evaluated. There are many reasons for cough, some are serious and require further evaluation especially in older individuals. Read more...