How long will a rubella IgM test stay positive for? I have an immunity according to the IgG test. However im pregnant and the IgM test was positive.

6 weeks. Presence of rubella-specific igm antibody indicates recent infection, however, false-positive results do occur. Follow-up igg titer in 2-3 weeks will be of help in confirmation of diagnosis.

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12 weeks pregnant. I have immunity to rubella according to my IgG test. My IgM test came back positive. Should I be worried?

Are you sick? Rubella igm can stick around indefinitely after your immunization, or be a false-positive. I would stop worrying. Rubella is a terrible disease when it affects the unborn child, and it is still very much with us as evidenced by outbreaks in europe due to lack of immunization. Read more...