Sudden onset: severe body aches, fever, headache. No congestion/sore thrt /cough. 101-102.5 fvr. Vomited 3x yest. But no other stomach discomfort. Flu?

Sudden onset. Yes your symptoms represent a flu like illness.
Sounds like it. Assuming that you are otherwise healthy, the symptoms you provide could very well be a viral syndrome, possibly influenza. The recommendations would include: bed rest, tylenol (acetaminophen) or motrin, clear liquids. You might also consider taking tamiflu, a drug intended to decrease the length of flu symptoms, but must be started within 48 hours after onset of symptoms, but will require a prescription.

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Do you always have a fever with flu? Been very sick with sore throat nasal congestion extreme body aches cough and fatigue but never a fever.

Not always. Some people may never have a fever which tends to get higher when the body is mounting maximal attack against the flu virus. Do realize that there may be other explanation for your symptoms especially if they have been present for more than a week. You may need to see your doctor and get some blood work. Read more...