5 days late for period, lower back pain, brown mucus & little pukish feeling on day 5, 3 negative hpt, little headaches, . ..Am I pregnant?

Most likely not. Reasons for missed / late period include: an anovulatory cycle in which no egg is released, marked v or ^ in weight; eating disorder; over-exercising (endurance athletics), travel, significant illnesses, oral contraceptives ; other meds, illegal drug use, breast feeding, hormone imbalances and medical problems (i.e., pcos). Can repeat home pregnancy test in several days.

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Currently on CD 50 - hpt CD 47 (pm) lower back pain and some headaches no cramping or signs of period should I test again in the am or make a drs appt?

Sure. Home pregnancy tests are very accurate. They are the same tests used in a doctors office. They can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after conception. If you doubt the result you can repeat it in 1-2 days. If you were pregnant the hormone level would rise enough for detection. Then see your doctor for irregular periods . Read more...