Any side effects of dexamethasone suppression test?

No. No special precautions are required for the Dexamethasone suppression tests, as side effects are virtually absent, and either test can be conducted on an outpatient basis by a compliant patient. Obviously, the test cannot be performed if the patient is receiving exogenous acth or other glucocorticoids.

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I am really scared of taking the dexamethasone suppression test. What will my EXACT possible side effects be? Is my heart going to race? :- (

No side effects. There are no side effects from a dexamethasone suppression test. Your heart will not race. It's harmless. The dose used (1 mg) is too small for you to feel anything, but large enough to produce a change in your cortisol level which can only be detected by a sensitive blood test.

Is a dexamethasone suppression test dangerous?

No. It's much less dangerous than missing cushing's or the brain malfunction that can produce serious mental illness. Please go ahead if your physician has asked for it. I've never heard of anyone having an adverse outcome from this test.

What is dexamethasone suppression test?

Less than 2 mcg/ dL. The dex suppression test determines whether the adrenal glands are physiology intact. Dexamethasone is a synthetic steroid that suppresses endogenous cortisol to less tha 2mcg/ dl when taken at bedtime.

Where do I go to get a dexamethasone suppression test done?

Home. You pick up the Dexamethasone pill at the pharmacy (with prescription from your doc), then take the dex pill at night before bedtime. Wake up in the am the next morning and go to the lab to get a blood draw for am cortisol. Very simple.

Is it normal after taking the overnight dexamethasone suppression test to have your cortisol level be <0.8 mcg/dl, also did not fast.?

Dex suppression test. 41 F from UT asks: Is it normal after taking overnight sex to have cortisol &lt; 0.8 msg/dl and did not fast. ANS: To decide it it is normal I need to know a few more things. 1. What was the dose or Dex? 2. Why was it done? 3. What are the normal ranges for that lab? 4. What other meds were you taking? So can consult with me so I can get more details and answer better. But probably OK.

Is it ok to drink small amount of alcohol night before dexamethasone suppression test?, does alcohol interfere with the test and pills I need to take

Not a good idea. It seems you are taking sertraline, lorazepam, and promethazine - in this setting you may want to avoid alcohol altogether. Drinking a small amount of alcohol the night before the test is probably not going to interfere with the test, but it defeats the purpose of a test to have factors potentially interfere with the test, when they can easily be avoided.

Confused about dexamethasone suppression test. How can taking a steroid LOWER cortisol levels? Having this to check for cushing's.

Cortisol. If your adrenal glands are working correctly a dose of dexamethasone would lower the cortisol levels. Have you had cortisol levels drawn without dexamethasone? Do you have symptoms related to cortisol?