How much is the doctor visit for dermatology?

Dr cost for visit. The cost to visit a dematologist will depend upon the area of the country, the length of the visit, whether it is a consultation or office visit, and other vaiables. Quality may not correlate with the cheapest.
Prices really vary. Based on level of exam, I would call your local dermatologist and ask price for basic exam, unless you have insurance and then it can be covered. Most doctors give non-insured discount fees.
It depends. It depends on what part of the country you live in. I would say 100 dollars would be an average.
Depends. This is dependent on your insurance, complaint, and dermatologists fees. Gather your information and call some offices!
It depends. The prices for a consultation varies from office to office. It also depends if you have health insurance and what the co-pay costs are. If you have health insurance, it can be just the cost of your co-pay. If you don't have health insurance, the range is much wider. I recommend that you call your local dermatology office for these details.
Depends. Should be covered by insurance if you have insurance. If not we charge $125 for an initial visit, $75 for follow ups. However if procedures are needed (biopsies, etc) the price goes up. We always try to work with people though.
Highly variable. Depends on how much time is taken, complexity of visit, materials used or procedures done during the visit, the expertise and specialty of the doctor, region of the country, rural or urban setting, size of the practice, additional follow-up or work that needs to be done.
Ask. Most dr. Visits are now covered by insurance with a copay. If you have no ins. Ask for a fee. I charge nothing or a nominal fee when people need care but are of limited means.
Varies. Presumably you have a skin problem which needs diagnosis and treatment. Dermatologists charge fees depending upon the difficulty of the diagnosis, the implications and whether treatment is needed. The skin can also be a clue to various, sometimes serious, internal illness. Most of these type of exams are covered by insurance but if you have none, ask when making the appointment.
Varies. The cost of a visit to a dermatologist varies based on what area you live in, what doctor you see, if you have insurance or not, what type of visit you are coming in for, etc. The best advice I have for you is to contact the dermatology office and ask them how much the visit will be after informing them of insurance and what you are wanting to have done at the visit.