Can I take unisom with Zoloft (sertraline) at night?

Yes you can. Unisom pm cantains diphenylhydramine50mgm and doxylamine 25mg unison sleep tab containsdoxylalmine 25mgm both are antihistamine and can be safely taken with zoloft (sertraline) at night and there is no drug interaction.

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For the last 4wks my anxiety is worse @ night. Been stable on Zoloft (sertraline) for months, but now have 2 take 2 unisom/night to sleep. What's going on with me?

Do you have more. Stressors? Poopout of zoloft (sertraline)? Reaching points in therapy that are producing anxiety? Have you recently added in concerta, increase it's dose or started taking it at another time during the day? Any new herbals or supplements? Any increase in caffeine intake? D/w your psychiatrist. Take care. Read more...