I've heard seroquel (quetiapine) makes you shake, is this true? Cause every day I shake n I have r to take primidone.

See both abilify (aripiprazole) ; Seroquel (quetiapine) listed under medications. Both of these meds can be very effective but have potential for different types of movements: shaking, akathisia, tremor ; tardive dyskinesia. Don't know why you are taking these medications since you re only listed conditions are "anxiety" ; "anxiety disorder". It is always important to know why a particular medication is being ordered ; possible side effects, .
Yes it is true. At least it is a common side effect. If it is helping you, then it may be worth the chain of events. If it is not, you might work with the doctor to find an alternative. Good luck - work together on this. Do not just stop on your own.