Grossed out about cutaneous larva migrans (hookworm)?

?Question? Not sure of your question? This site may help: http://emedicine.Medscape.Com/article/1108784-overview#overview clarify question if you need further answers, since otherwise it's hard to be specific with limited space.

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How do I get rid of hookworm I have cutaneous larva migrans all over my inner thighs, butt, arms, face, breast, I think it started lower and prob spread from itching, shaving, etc.... I think they are in my lungs, and now they are in my eyes they gunk up

Curious post. You get hookworm through your feet & they migrate in the blood & under the tissues. Itching is common but not a cause for spread. Confirmation requires testing. A variety of medications can kill the worm which could otherwise persist for 5 years or so. I would find someone to confirm that this is not something else & get treatment. Patients are often anemic & need other help. Read more...