I'm planning to have a baby next year. Should I continue to take celexa (citalopram) for depression & gad? I'm concerned about birth defects.

Check with your Dr. First, i think it's great you are thinking ahead. I would encourage you to use this time to find a psychiatrist with expertise in perinatal issues. It's always an risk-benefit ratio that should be evaluated for you by your dr to assess if it's more risky to get off your meds or to stay on them. Although, all medications have some risks involved, having depression ; anxiety have it's own risk.
Risk vs benefit. Ideally, you should stop any meds 3-6 months before conception, but only if the benefit to your health does not outweigh the risk to the baby. Celexa (citalopram) does have some evidence of risk in both first and third trimesters, albeit small risk. I would set up a consultation with a maternal/fetal medicine specialist before conception, (also because of your age), and discuss this specifically with them.

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I've been diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder, taking celexa (citalopram) on and off. I want to have a baby next year. Any advice?

Pregnancy. I hope you are talking to some counselor or therapist. A big problem in society and in medicine today is people will be put on very powerful medicines and not given any supportive talk therapy. This type of question and life plan needs to be integrated fully into your treatment. Good luck you need a definite plan. Read more...
Risk v benefit. Depends on the severity of symptoms. Untreated depression can complicate pregnancy with poor appetite, poor motivation to follow prenatal care and risk of suicide jeopardizes pregnancy. Read more...