11weeks aog with traces of calcium oxalate and ketones in urine, (-)glucose, WBC are 4-10hpf, many epith. Cells. Do I most likely develop kidney stones?

No. The epithelial cells indicate there's some contamination from your vagina, where there are always some white blood cells also. Calcium oxalate in solution is not a problem; some of it precipiates as the urine cools. Stop worrying.
Stone risk. Stone risk is moderate: we all form calcium oxalate crystals if dehydrated; this likely was the case: to reduce risk: Avoid: beets, spinach, rhubarb, strawberries, nuts, chocolate, tea, wheat bran, and all dry beans; fish and egg whites should be major protein source; minimize meat and poultry; add ReaLemon Extract 5 tablespns/day and 12 oz OJ / day; drink 4 liters fluid per day; low salt always.

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What do you suggest if I have calcium oxalate kidney stones and I am very skinny. Which weight gain supplement is good for me?

Citrate,Diet. Potassium citrate (brand name Urocit-K) but you should be monitored for dose & pot.in bld. 4 ounces lemon juice mixed with 2 liters water. Sip on lemon juice but do not add too much sugar. Citrate in the urine lowers chance of oxalate stone. Low oxalate diet. Look up food high in oxalate and avoid them as much as possible. If your urine is dark yellow,you are not drinking enough fluids. Good luck. Read more...
Calcium oxalate. Careful diet is essential: only 4 oz meat/day; add Special K drinks 2 per day; avoid beets, spinach, rhubarb, strawberries, nuts, chocolate, tea, wheat bran, and all dry beans - high in oxalate. (may eat lima and green beans). Plant fats are great; 3 egg whites per day; keep salt low; pasta with non-salty sauce is ok; potato is fine; add 5 tablespns ReaLemon extract /day; 4 L fluid/day; 12 oz OJ/d. Read more...