Is it true the most accurate test for h pylori is having a stool sample and not blood test?

Testing for H.pylori. H.Pylori status is checked with the intention of treating the infection to eradication, when found. If persistent or recurrent, please ask your doctor to prescribe a drug combination different than your initial regimen--your h.Pylori may be resistant to the first antibiotics used. Serology alerts us to past infection; stool testing, breath testing, stomach biopsy identify active bacteria.

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Dear sir Please help me. I did the stool test, blood test and biospy were negative h.pylori. But breath test was positive. What to do?

Strange. I assume the doctor ordered these tests to evaluate your "heartburn," which is confusing to me. H. pylori is a bacterium that can cause chronic antral gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. I would have an extremely low pretest probability for either of these diseases in a 28 year-old. The breath test yields few false positives. The other tests are very sensitive, with very few false negatives. Read more...