What does chest pains & breast pains mean? My chest & breasts have been sore all day. But been happening for days now. And mostly on my left side

Chest pain. Chest pain can be from heart disease , inflamation of the lining of the lungs (pleurisy) caused by infection (pneumonia, etc). Pain may also originate from the joints between the breast-bone and ribs. Indigestion, gall-bladder disease, stomach ulcers and acid reflux into the food pipe may cause chest pain also. Breast pain may be related to hormone changes or fibrocystic breast disease.

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I am having intermittent chest pain on my left side. Underneath my left breast. Pain is pretty sharp. Could this be my heart?

Chest pain. Among the many possible causes of chest pain are inflammation of muscles or cartilage, reflux of stomach contents, lung disease and heart disease, the latter two including blood clot in the lung and heart attack. Best to see your doctor for complete examination. Sudden onset of chest pain warrants emergency evaluation. Read more...

Severe chest pain, breast pain and tenderness, headaches/migranes and back ache. Also shooting pains down arm and legs.?

See a doctor. Severe pain is an alert - a way to get your attention. It says "get this looked into!" It may not be too serious, but w/out proper treatment, it could become worse. I hope you have an exam, follow directions for treatment and feel better soon! Read more...