Can I get herpes for oral sex?

Yes. Herpes (hsv) is transmitted via skin to skin contact and may be transmitted even in the absence of any visible sore or abnormality.
Yes. A person can get oral herpes from kissing or from oral sex. A person can get genital herpes from regular sex or oral sex.

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Can I get genital herpes from giving oral sex to a man? Could I have passed it on to my current partner who I have unprotected sex w and I got it?

Yes. You could pick up HSV from giving oral sex to a man with an open lesion. The HSV would be on your lip so you would eventually get a fever blister. Then if you had an open lesion on your lip you could give it to your current partner. You also could transfer the virus from your hands that touched the man with active HSV to your own genitals - it takes open skin to open skin for transmission. Read more...