Have a cold but my throat is painful and my both ears hurt when I swallow, cough or yawn.

Sore throat. Your symptoms are a wake up call to see your doctor for an exam and a need for a throat culture to rule out strep.
Cold. If your symptoms have been worsening and persistent for more than 3 days you need to see your doctor to determine if you have developed a bacterial infection. Meanwhile try to garglle with salt and water and take a decongestant.

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Both ears hurt when I swallow. No sore throat and I'm not sick, and they don't hurt otherwise. What could it be?

Blocked eustachian. Eustachian tube is a small canal that connects the middle ear with the upper throat and back of the nose. It functions as an equalizer to regulate the air pressure inside the middle ear and outside environment. This tube opens while swallowing and yawning. Thus, blockage or dysfunction of the Eustachian tube can lead to inner earache when swallowing. . Read more...