Warm/burning spots in legs & thighs but since yesterday & when lying down it feels like my head & neck is cold & I feel dizzy, could that be blood clot?

Not likely. Your symptoms don't sound like a blood clot but it's very hard to know without an exam. They do sound concerning and i would recommend following with your doctor. If you are acutely short of breath then go to the emergency room now.

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What causes a warm spot on calf of leg. I have been checked for blood clots...None?

Superficial. Could be either early infection called cellulitis or superficial phlebitis. Frequently comes from local trauma.The first requires antibiotics the second heat elevation and Aspirin three times daily. Read more...

Wondering if I may have a blood clot or something different? Pain in my leg 2 weeks ago and slightly again tonight. Very dizzy when I move suddenly

Maybe. With blood clot in the leg, the lake is very painful and very swollen. If you do not have the symptoms, it is unlikely you have a blood clot in your leg. Your dizziness is concerning. Best to see your doctor as soon as possible. Best of luck with this. Read more...