Dear all, I have these lab results: ck 152u/l, normal<190, ckmb 23 u/l, normal<24 troponin t <50, normal<50. Should I be worried? Thanks from brazil

What's the worry? If your ekg is okay, the troponin t is not rising and is not beyond the reference range, and you have 'a little' chest pain that's not taking your breath away, you are not having a heart attack. That does not mean that you are not sick. A physical exam will let you know whether this is just chest wall pain as from overexertion, or whether to look farther.

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Hi, I've these lab result: ck 121 u/l, normal <190 ckmb 22 u/l, normal <24 troponin t <50, normal <50 should I be worried? Coz ckmb near its max limit.

No. Enzymes rise and fall at the time of a heart attack. Only enzymes in the abnormal range are diagnostic. All your values are normal so there is no reason to be concerned. High normal values are normal values. Read more...