How long could you have chest pressure before a heart attack?

Don't wait too long. Time is muscle! That means the longer you wait with chest pain the more heart muscle could die. If you have typical chest pain or pressure radiating to your jaw or neck that does not go away with rest you may be having a heart attack. Nausea, sweating, and crushing chest pain are the common symptoms. 5 minutes of chest pain is plenty to start worrying about.
Varies. Chest pain due to blockage without heart damage usually lasts 5-10 minutes then it goes away. This is angina pectoris. Prolonged pain of the same type often lasts 30 minutes or more during a heart attack. It is rare for pain to last much over an hr or two without relief. Some folks have painless heart attacks.

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Hi, I have been experiencing some chest pressure (no pain) for the past two weeks. I'm 23, could this really be a sign of a heart attack?

Probably not heart. Given your age and conditions, this could be gastroesophageal reflux disease. Usually symptoms worsens when lying down, particularly after a large late night meal. Risk factors for men in particular are obesity, tobacco use and alcohol consumption, NSAID use as well as dietary factors such as the intake of caffeinated beverages. Try antacids, changing eating habits, stopping ibuprofen, weight loss.

Is chest pressure due to heart attack likely to cause belching?

It can. Nausea vomiting and belching are frequently associated with heart attacks which can lead to delays on patients seeking treatment.
Not the usual. Some times with right coronary disease the symptoms mimic GI problems. Belching and hiatal hernia and esophagitis are more usual, together.

Chest pressure. ..heart attack? I had anxiety before but now is different coz pressure all day im 22 no pain just pressure what do u suggest please?

Evaluation. It is very unlikely that you're having a heart attack, but it's worth an exam to rule it out. Just be sure you are convinced so that you can drop that worry. If it is anxiety, please consider a CBT therapist to learn skills to avoid, reduce and manage anxiety. If meds are needed, they'll refer you for them. I hope it goes well.

Would heart attack symptoms get worse? How fast? Chest pressure, tried to sleep woke up in sweat. Been anxious lots so can't tell...normal vital signs

Anxiety. Anxiety is a very common cause for chest pains. It is thought that the chest muscles tighten to cause it. For some people it may cause actual myocardial ischemic pain but this is very uncommon in young folks. You may need to look into this anxiety diagnosis more.