What's causing mid-chest burning pain-- heart?

Yes, or. Esophageal reflux, or gastritis. If it worsens during breathing then it could be due to respiratory problem. Call your doctor. If you don't have one and it's new or not improving, go to the ed.

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3 weeks on Zoloft (sertraline) generic. Having chest burning pain with heartburn. Went er. Told EKG changed. Did blood test. Doc said heart is fine. I am worried?

See ans. If "chest burning pain with heartburn" started after you began Zoloft (sertraline), (sertraline) this could be some sort of side effect. Discuss lowering dose or alternate med with prescribing doc. If symptoms occurred before Zoloft (sertraline) generic, see your pcp to get checked for medical cause of heartburn. Doctor sent you home from ER reviewing your most recent EKG plus blood work. That's good news. Hope this helps.

Have burning pain upper rite belly under rib cage heart burn most every am can't sleep on my rite side it hurts my mid rite side back badly?

Have tests done. It is best to see your doctor and discuss it. Things to consider would be the gallbladder, the liver itself or the stomach and the duodenum, the ribs and the lung wil have to be look at. We can't do that with simple history alone, we need labs and imaging procedures. Good luck.

Chest burning and heart palpitations. Any remedies for this?

Yes. First u need an evaluation likely stress test, holster monitor, maybe an egd. Treatment based on findings.
Check out your heart. Check your heart first then your stomach with your doctor asap. Don't delay and best luck!
Palpitation treat. Treatments include not using caffeine, alcohol, street drugs, smoking and other stimulant substances. Try to learn meditation and other calming techniques, cut out herbal substances, cough and cold medicines, nutritional supplements, see your doctor to be sure no direct heart problem.