What risk if I have done the chemoembolization of the liver?

Various. The risks associated with chemoemolization of the liver include bleeding, infection and blood vessel damage from the catheter access (just like any form of arterial catheterization). Other risks specific to the procedure include liver damage. Embolizing too much of the liver could lead to liver failure. Also embolization can cause damage to the bile ducts and result in liver infections.
Some. Depends on how your functional status and liver function tests are. Include liver failure, bleeding, vessel injury nontarget embolization and chemical cholecystitis.
Chemoembolization. Risks include: post embolization syndrome (fever, abdominal pain, nausea), damage to the blood vessels, incomplete treatment necessitating retreatment, non target embolization (which can lead to gallbladder inflammation), bleeding or aneurysm at the puncture site, renal damage from contrast, allergy to sedation medications, and rarely liver failure (which can result in death).