The smaller left cerebral hemisphere means what?

Incidental. Generally it has no clinical implication and it is only an incidental finding. However it may be a subject for research neurologists by a long term follow up for decades to see if leads to any cognitive impairment significantly more than equal size hemispheres.

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Pathogenesis of an ischaemic stroke affecting the left cerebral hemisphere. What does this mean?

Words. Pathogenesis is the origin or development of a disease. Ischemic stroke is damaged brain tissue due to loss of circulation (like from a clot)(as opposed to stroke from bleeding). Left cerebral hemisphere is the dominant area in most people and usually controls speech and right sided motor functions. Read more...

What is the pathogenesis of an ischaemic stroke affecting the left cerebral hemisphere?

Mechanisms. Usually, represents narrowing and closure of a large artery such as carotid or middle cerebral, but can be due to a clot circulating from a distant source, such as heart. A myocardial event might trigger a stroke in a susceptible older patient, and, in some cases, trauma can tear a blood vessel in neck (dissection). Causes include smoking, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, high homocysteine. Read more...