Carpal tunnel surgery painful?

Carpal Tunnel Surger. For most people this is not painful but recovery will vary according to work status (self employed versus workmen's compensation.).
Only the anesthesia. Carpal tunnel release can be done under a general anesthetic, or local anesthesia...Most commonly under local. The local anesthesia is "uncomfortable" and in some patients considered painful. The procedure when done under adequate local anesthesia is not painful.
Usually not much. This depends on the type of surgery. Endoscopic surgery typically has less pain. I perform these and more than 50% of my patients don't even take a prescription pain medication after surgery. Every patient is different and there are several factors which can influence the amount of pain after this procedure.
Usually minimally. Everyones tolerance for pain is different but in general most of my patients will take pain medicine for a day or two after surgery.
Not too bad. For most patients, they are able to gradually resume most normal activities around 6 weeks after surgery. Most do not require occupational therapy on the hand. It can be helpful if the recovery is slow. Your hand will be sore and possibly swollen for the first few weeks. Fortunately, most patients have a very good outcome. Typical post-op pain is not too bad. Keyboard activities 3-4 wk.
No, but... The surgery itself should not be painful, but postoperatively it is common to have soreness or pain in the palm as the wound heals.

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How painful is it to have carpal tunnel surgery?

Not very. The newer surgical procedures are less invasive and permit a faster recovery.
Relatively simple. Most patient experience significant improvement of numbness and tingling with elimination of pain. The surgery is short and takes only a few minutes and there is little to no pain postoperatively. Down time is approximately 1 week.
Not bad. Obviously there is some pain following surgery. For most patients, the hand is sore but tolerable during the healing process. The most important thing is to take it easy and let the hand heal.
Not much pain. This is a relatively simple procedure in the hands of an experienced hand surgeon. The minimally invasive procedures typically allow an earlier return to activity and less pain than the traditional open techniques.

Had carpal release surgery. BUT now my pinky up to my elbow is extremely painful. Did carpal tunnel surgery not help? Why am I still in pain?

Elbow to pinky pain. You may have a problem with a different nerve that does not involve the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is in the wrist area. You have to be seen and might need additional testing including the elbow region.
Cubital tunnel. Numbness in the pinky and ring fingers indicates a nerve compression higher up in the arm most likely from the elbow. Carpal tunnel surgery addresses the nerve that gives sensation to the thumb index and middle fingers. Cubital tunnel syndrome causes compression to the ulnar nerve at the elbow and can lead to numbness and pain in the pinky. Am examination and nerve tests are needed to confirm.

I just had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand and the surgical site has reopened. It's draining and it's very painful to touch. Is this staph?

Call your surgeon. You may be draining a hematoma, or you may have an infection, though it's quite rare in CT surgery. You need to contact the surgeon in charge, and inform him/her of this development. Good luck.
Don't know what. Type of drainage you are experiencing. This needs prompt re-evaluation. If there is pus, with swelling, redness, tenderness, heat, red-streaks or fever - would get seen at ER now. Take care.
Wound infection. Can't tell if it's staph without a culture, but it's likely a wound infection. You need to contact your surgeon or be evaluated at an Urgent Care. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

What is carpal tunnel surgery like?

Usually very quick. Typically, the operation involves a skin incision over the wrist and an incision through the fibrous layer of tissue that holds everything in the carpal tunnel in place, which essentially allows for more space and relieves the pressure. Then, the skin is closed, and the fibrous tissue usually heals on its own.
Quick. The procedure take 5-10 min. A small incision is made on the palm of the hand and the pressure is take off the nerve. After the surgery you are in a light dressing for a couple of days. You can return to light office work in a couple of days. Heavy lifting in around 3-4 weeks.
carpal tunnel. Here is a link to page with diagrams and a video http://www. Handctr. Com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-q-a.Html.
CTR. A carpal tunnel release divides the transverse carpal ligament which forms the roof of the carpal tunnel. By dividing the TCL, the median nerve is decompressed and alleviates the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is performed on an outpatient basis.

How is carpal tunnel surgery performed?

By proper surgeon. Carpal tunnel syndrome, if appropriately diagnosed, shold be treated non-surgically if possible and then if surgery is needed, should be performed by a reputable surgeon trained and skilled in this surgery. An incision is made over the middle of the heels of the hand and wrist and down through a fibrous ligament to release pressure on the nerve. Ortho, neuro or plastic surgeons usually do this.
Open or endoscopic. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) involves cutting the transverse carpal ligament (tcl). Open capal tunnel release utilizes direct visualization of the tcl, which is then cut through a palmar skin incision. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release uses a small wrist incision to enter the carpal tunnel with an endoscope. The tcl is incised through the scope with a retractable endoscopic knife.
Several Methods. All surgeries cut the transverse carpal ligament (roof of the 'carpal tunnel') and make room to take pressure off the median nerve. Surgery done with local, sedation or general anesthesia. Incisions usually from. 75 to 4 cm performed open or with a cutting tome or endoscopically. Risks are higher with endoscopy but recovery faster. See http://carpaltunnelsyndromesurgery. Blogspot. Com/.

Show diagram of carpal tunnel surgery?

See below. Illustration of the carpal tunnel - carpal tunnel diagram http://0.Tqn. Com/d/ergonomics/1/0/8/-/-/-/carpaltunnel. Jpg.
Video carpal tunnel. Ill do one better here is a link to page with diagrams and a video <a href="http://www. Handctr. Com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-q-a.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www. Handctr. Com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-q-a.html</a>.

Do I know if I need carpal tunnel surgery?

Symptoms. In general he wanted to get to carpal tunnel syndrome before you have any permanent nerve damage. If the numbness and tingling is getting worse or if the numbness and tingling is constant this is a bad sign. If the symptoms are only intermittent you can try splinting or injections of cortisone with a reasonably good success rate.
Yes. While nerve testing may be useful, the most sensitive indicator of progression of symptoms and need for surgery is usually the patient him or herself. The parameters are increasing numbness and/or tingling in the hand, increasing pain and/or discomfort, and weakness. Best of luck.
Talk to your surgeon. Generally if conservative measure such as medications or splints fail then surgery is indicated.