Has anyone tried carbonic anhydrase inhibitors?

Helpful drug. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (cai) are used mainly to treat two conditions: glaucoma and altitude sickness. They are useful in both conditions and actually mandatory for high altitude climbing. There are side effects from chronic use, mainly kidney stones. Discuss this will your doctor if you think you need them.

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Has anyone with paramyotonia congenita and hyperkalemic periodic paralysis used carbonic anhydrase inhibitors?

Channelopathies. Your question is interesting. Here is a reference that answers it: channelopathies. Moxley iii rt. Curr treat options neurol. 2000 jan;2(1):31-47. Pmid: 11096735 [pubmed - as supplied by publisher] in short, yes. Longer answer, in some situations it can help, in others, it can make matters worse. The reasons are not understood. Go to pubmed and search for that article, then read the abstract. Read more...

I have paramyotonia congenita and hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and want to try carbonic anhydrase inhibitors?

Then by all means. speak to your neurologist. We all have to learn about these condition, frankly, they are heavily tested on our board exams; however, rarely actually seen. I'd consider seeing a neurologist with expertise in neuromuscular disorders. Read more...