What is the cost online for buttocks lifting creams?

Better Q: What r fx? Thanks for your question. Many people would like to find a cream or other product that has such benefits. I am going to share this with plastic surgeons and sports medicine doctors. However, i suggest that everyone considering purchasing products online or in stores check out whether there is any benefit or harm before purchasing them.
Save your money. I can't honestly believe that any of these will work or provide you with any significant improvements.
Too much. To my knowledge, there are no topical agents that will reliably lift the buttocks. Don't waste your money. If you are really interested in this procedure, see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss options that might actually do something.
Don't waste your mon. No cream will help you in lifting your buttock.Your best bet is to consult a plastic surgeon who does these procedures.Buying cream for buttock lifting is waste of your money.
Buttock lift cremes. There is no creme on the market which will lift your buttocks. It would be a waste of money. If there is a vendor out there who makes claims to lifting buttocks with a creme, the fda wants to know about it ;-). Marketing claims like this need to go thru the fda. The only way to lift your buttocks is with a rigorous exercise regimen or surgical intervention such as a brazilian butt lift.