Is there an over-the-counter bronchodilator for copd?

No. Until recently, the only otc bronchodilator available was primatene, but it has been phased out due to concerns about the propellants (cfc). It was also more appropriate for asthma than copd.
Shysters? Otc for COPD is weird. It seems that there are companies who want to make money with unsafe and inappropriate medications. Better to visit a lung expert.
Yes, but..... There is an over-the-counter rescue inhaler but I would recommend against it at this time. Your medication therapy should be prescribed and monitored by your physician. If you purchase over the counter meds, it is difficult to keep a check on your progress. Talk everything over with your physician Good Luck.
No.... Bronchodilator inhalers effective for the treatment of COPD are prescription meds. Your doctor needs to evaluate you to be certain you have COPD and to prescribe the most effective treatments depending on disease severity. You may need pulmonary rehab as well as oxygen therapy depending on severity. Your doctor can also help w/ smoking cessation.

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Is there an over-the-counter bronchodilator that I can use for my copd?

Primatene tablets. Primatene tablets contain Ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate) 12 mg and guiafenesin. Ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate) aka ma huang has been used in china for thousands of years as an effective bronchodilator, primarily for asthma. There are far better & safer prescription medications for asthma & copd. But for persons without insurance this is the only otc drug. Persons with hypertension or heart disease should use this with extreme caution. Read more...
No... Bronchodilators for COPD are prescription inhalers as well as steroid inhalers, which are also typically prescribed for the treatment of copd. See your doctor so these inhalers can be prescribed. Read more...