What could creatine do for you?

Creatine. Creatine in doses of 1000 to 5000mg daily has been shown to increase muscle mass, muscle size and muscle energy stores. Creatine must be taken with lots of water throughout the day, and doses must not exceed 5000mg daily to avoid impairment of kidney function. The dose can be taken all at once, preferably after exercise to facilitate ATP store replenishment in the muscles after exercise.
Controversial! Talk to your md before taking creatine or creatine supplements . Creatine use in high school and college athletes( esp. Football and track )has increased tremendously in the past 15 -20 years.Some studies suggest increase performance w/ creatine use in short, " burst" type activities such as sprinting.They are" legal" by ncaa ; but cannot be dispensed by the college.Side effects?Cramping/wt. Gain.