What is the prognosis if a breast ultrasound reports tumor with "fuzzy" borders?

Ill-defined borders. I cannot say that i've ever seen the term "fuzzy" in a breast ultrasound report. In an effort to improve communication of radiology reports, a system is in place to objectively categorize all mammographic and sonographic abnormalities, called birads. If this was considered a birads 4 or 5 abnormality, the radiologist was suspicious enough of a cancer to recommend biopsy.

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Would a breast ultrasound detect a tumor that was deep in chest?

The reported. sensitivities for ultrasound in detecting cancer vary, generally 60-80%, so ultrasound can detect breast cancers, but like any test, it is not 100%. A complete workup might include mammography, physical exam, and in some cases MRI. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. If you are talking about a mass that is actually within the chest cavity, not the breast, breast US won't help. Read more...