Is it possible to have normal CBC and abnormal blood smear?

No. A blood smear is ordered when the CBC is abnormal. A blood smear helps diagnose a range of deficiencies, disease involving blood cell production, function and destruction ; it is also used to monitor cell production/ maturity in diseases eg leukemia, during chemo/radiation therapy and evaluation of different type of hemoglobins.
Yes. Blood cell counts may be normal and a smear may show morphologic abnormalties.

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Cbc performed-everything normal except low wbc. Blood smear- normal. Told to come bck in 2mths & redraw. Should I be worried? Wht could cause this?

Probably normal. If you are not at risk for hiv, then you may represent the low end of the bell curve that makes up the "normal" range for wbc. Some people have immune function issues with chronically low counts, others just "rest at low idle" and still ramp up when fighting an infection. See what follow up test shows.
How low? As previously mentioned, your low white blood cell count could be the very low range of normal (it depends on how low your wbcs were). Another common cause of a transient low WBC is an infection. If you had a virus within the last two weeks or so, it can suppress your wbcs. This will get better on its own. Why did you get CBC in 1st place (symptoms)? Rechecking in 2 months is good idea.

I have muscle pain and fatigue imade CBC befor 2 month and blood smear both are normal but now my wbc=15.9 what this mean and can be dangerous thing?

May be. All laboratory results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the tests is usually in the best position to do that. Having said that, your white cell count is elevated. It is usually due to some infection. It would be prudent to consult your doctor.

31 m - dads brother died of lukemia at 21. Chance I have it? Been sick these past 6 months did CBC blood smear and all kinds of tests normal. Ruled out stomach and lung. Having constant chest pain breathing and headaches for 5 months. Test do I need?

Not leukemia. Your tests have ruled out leukemia. Your symptoms are quite suggestive of chronic anxiety and tension. Have a treadmill stress test to reassure you about your heart. A simple head ct scan will give you peace of mind about your tension type headaches. A consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist for stress management would be very helpful.
Chest pain. Hey Ali, What was the bronchoscopy result? No you do not have leukemia if your CBC is normal. I hope you are well otherwise Take care.
Heme Onc. Sorry you are under so much stress. Depending on the type of leukemia and lymphoma there is not usually an inherited component but some risk factors can be inherited. I recommend a Hematology Consult for a careful physical exam and some imaging. Good luck to you. Read:https://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/acute-lymphocytic-leukemia/causes-risks-prevention/risk-factors. Html.

Is it true that a blood smear can give you ore accurate results than a cbc?

Yes. Yes a pathologist two reviews) furl smear and who has a good knowledge of the red blood cell cytology and the value limits of high and low can tell you the white blood count red blood count and platelet count and also evaluate each cell each type of the white blood cells and the red blood cells whether they are too big or too little whether they're being broken down or made normally.

My daughter has a swollen gorin lymph node and a swollen ankle. Dr. Has done a blood smear/cbc/ultrasound and x-ray. All came back good. Still worried?

It happens. Both may reflect a bug bite on the affected ankle that has sent bite debris up the leg to the lymph node for cleansing. It could also be an early infection, but that would be reflected in the degree of symptoms & labwork. As long as you & the doc monitor the situation you are doing all you need at this point.

Could a cut on my foot raise my platelets? Count of 700, wbc 13, no other symptoms. Found on routine cbc. Blood smear clean.

Not the cut. Follow it. If you are iron deficient, find the cause and get treated. You may have a check to see if a particular mutation is driving it. This is serious but probably not catastrophic.