How to get rid of bed bugs in hotel room in a hot country?

Hard to treat. Bed bugs are a global problem. They hitch-hikie from place to place in luggage, etc. When traveling check your hotel for small insects the size of an apple seed in the crevices of bedding, baseboards, etc. Keep your luggage off the floor (use bathtub if needed) to avoid bringing them home. Heat is best way to kill them: put your clothing in dryer for 20 min. Don't bring luggage into your house.
Bed bugs. I agree w the info that you have already been given. Here is the problem - it is incredibly difficult to eradicate bedbugs in a hotel room. If they are in one unit, they are likely in multiple units. They move at night & can move from one space to another. Even if you could vacuum the room, & do the many things that are required to get rid of the bugs- they will return. You are in a bind.
Bed bugs. Some professional exterminators use portable devices to raise the temperature of a room to a lethal temperature. All stages of bedbugs can be killed at 122 f (50 c). In some cases, you may have to throw out heavily infested items such as mattresses or couches.