Am I required to tell my sexual partners that I have gonorrhea?

Yes. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted that will continue to spread if not treated. It is very important that all sexual partners be notified so that they receive the appropriate treatment. In addition to spreading the disease to many people, untreated gonorrhea will lead to other sequele such as chronic infection, pain, bleeding, and ectopic pregnancies.

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I have gonorrhea does the state board really contact my sexual partners?

The HD will. The health department will contact partners to get them tested and treated to prevent further spread since gonorrhea is a communicable disease. Read more...

1 sex partner. After initial sexual encounter fishy rectal odor, lip tingling. Tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia= negative? Fishy odor due to herpes?

Bacterial vaginosis. The fishy odor is usually due to an infection that is a mixture of many different bacteria, the common name is bacterial vaginosis, also call it bv. The causes are many, bringing bacteria from the rectum to the vagina. It is not classified as a std, but it can be transferred from one partner to the other. Women can develop this with out being sexually active, hence not a true std. Read more...