What is subacute bacterial endocarditis prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis. This is antibiotic therapy given before a procedure which may induce bacteria into the blood stream in a patient with pre-existing heart valve abnormalities. There is very little evidence outside of some animal studies to suggest the efficacy of this, but it is often used because the doctor believes it is effective, or in fear of subsequent litigation if they fail to do so.

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What is subacute bacterial endocarditis?

Infection of heart. The "subacute" part means the patient is not obviously sick. The infection is always serious and must be treated as soon as possible with powerful antibiotics.
Heart infection. Subacute infective endocarditis is an infection of the endocardial surface (lining) of the heart, which may include heart valves, the walls, or a septal defect. People at greatest risk of endocarditis have a damaged heart valve, an artificial heart valve or other heart defects. Iv drug abusers are at great risk. Symptoms may be vague and diagnosis is often delayed. Treatment is essential.
Valve infection. Infection of heart valve frequently diagnosed on surface or transesophageal echocardiogram.
Heart valve. Hi. Subacute bacterial endocarditis (SBE) is a bacterial infection of one or more heart valves. Risks for SBE include heart valve abnormalities, dental accesses, and IV drug abuse. It is very serious, and treatment to save valves (if possible) requires prolonged IV antibiotics. Sometimes valves need replacement. Good luck.

Can I get sbe (subacute bacterial endocarditis) from a person by sharing his /her glass?

No. Sbe comes about from bacteria in the circulation lodging in a blood stream dead space in the heart usually due to valvular dysfunction or congenital abnormalities of cardiac surface. They then proliferate in that nutrient rich space can shed bacteria into the brain, eye and other parts of the body. The glass in question would have to be infected and your body have an opening for that infection.

Can you tell me of or have subacute bacterial endocarditis or sbe?

Not sure of question. Symptoms in SBE can be quite variable, but typically reflect a slow or indolent course, as opposed to acute endocarditis, with symptoms evolving over weeks. Systemic complaints are common, like fever, chills, poor appetite, weight loss, malaise, headache, muscle aches, night sweats, cough, or joint pains. Cardiac sxs may include dizziness, shortness of breath, swelling or edema.

Why does subacute bacterial endocarditis may give embolic manifestation but not in acute rheumatic fever?

Debris breaks off. Rheumatic fever is a misguided attack on your heart by your own immune system. Rheumatic fever creates damage that can cause susceptiblity to endocarditis. In bacterial endocarditis, colonies of bacteria develop on a heart valve or other intravascular structure. Clumps of bacteria, infection fighting cells or other debris can break off and travel through the body.
Endocarditis. And rheumatic fever are separate issues. Effects on heart valve from rf take years to develop with endocarditis is an active vegetation infection of the valve. Confusing, right?

Can you advise me if having piercings with a prosthetic heart valve. Subacute bacterial endocarditis?

No clear guidelines. Prosthetic valve indicates increased risk of endocarditis. Even under current, stricter AHA guidelines, you would need SBE prophylaxis before high-risk procedures, like dental cleaning/extractions, tonsillectomy, I&D of abscesses. No clear data about body piercings, so different MDs have different approaches. Discuss with your MD, but clean the area very well & care for the site after. Take care!

Questions about acute bacterial endocarditis prophylaxis for wisdom teeth?

Premedicate before. Any invasive dental procedure should have a premeditated note on it if...You need to premedicate. Ask your M.D. Then tell your dentist. Nowadays a single dose 1hour prior to an appt. Is given. But...Your M.D. May have other guidelines. Remember...Use antibiotics sparingly and only when needed, so they'll work well when you really do need them. Earl.
AHA Guidelines. The aha (american heart association) has the latest guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis to help prevent subacute bacterial endocarditis. The indications for premedication underwent revision and changed several years ago, and most dentists and surgeons follow the aha guidelines.

How serious is bacterial endocarditis after delivery?

Very. Infective endocarditis is always a very serious illness. It requires lengthy treatment with one or more antibiotics, may require surgery, and complications are numerous. A good infectious diseases expert can manage these, minimizing morbidity and mortality.

How serious is a bacterial endocarditis after dental work?

Very. Infective endocarditis is always a very serious illness. It requires lengthy treatment with one or more antibiotics, may require surgery, and complications are numerous. A good infectious diseases expert can manage these, minimizing morbidity and mortality.
Very. Take your antibiotics before certain dental procedures to help prevent sbe.
Bacterial endocardit. Bacterial endocarditis is extremely serious no matter the context. Or are you referring to bacterial endocarditis prophylaxis prior to dental procedures?

If I had bacterial endocarditis for awhile would my white count be normal and no fever ever?

Type of endocarditis. It depends on 'what' form of endocarditis you have - subacute infective endocarditis might present with few symptoms, although often there is 'something'. Different bacteria also exert different effects. The WBC can be suppressed for various reasons as well. I would suggest getting an Infectious Diseases specialist to look into your case. They have the best knowledge for this disease entity.