What type of doctor should I go see for possilbe problem with my autonomic nervous system?

PCP. In my opinion, you should always go to your primary care physician first before you decide that the problem was caused by your. .... Your pcp can them decide the necessary referrals to make as he or she may be more qualified to make the diagnosis ie pinpoint the reason for the problem.
Knowledgable. Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls virtually all the organs and systems in your body. If your sympathetic nervous system (sns) hyper - you could have cold hands, palpitations, sweating, htn, dry mouth, constipation, dry eyes, dry mouth. If your parasympathetic (pns) is hyper, you could have urgent urination, diarrhea, gas, bloating, watery eyes, allergies, asthma, low blood pressure..

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What doctor do I go see for problems with autonomic nervous system?

Start with PCP. Consider seeing neurologist as well.
Brain injury? You mention brain injury. It s such a broad concept; the same goes for autonomic nervous system problems. I would have answered an internal medicine or family practice dr to start an all inclusive workup, but in view of this I assumed you might have a neurologist already taking care of you. Either one is a rational choice. On Clonazepam for.? You may consult the prescriber of this too. Good luck.

My doctor thinks my severe muscle pains might be caused by stressing my autonomic nervous system and that I need to calm it down. How?

Learn to de stress. Your doctor is right. Severe pain can be caused by stress, which is mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. You need to decrease the stress on your body, whether physiologic or psychological. Exercise is the best way to decrease sympathetic tone and fight stress. Counseling is another. Hope this helps!