Are there racial disparities in regards to gonorrhea?

Yes. Huge. Great question. In 2010, rate of gonorrhea [gc] was 17-18 times higher for blacks than whites. American indians/alaska natives 5 times more than whites. Asians/pacific islanders 15 times less than whites. Hispanics 2 times more than whites. What to do about these differences [outreach, health care access] is an even bigger, critical question.
Unfortuately, yes. . Although rates of gonorrhea infections in the U.S. Have declined, significant racial, gender, and regional disparities remain, and in some cases, are worsening. In 2003, the reported rates among african americans were 655.8 vs. 32.7 cases in caucasians per 100, 000 population. In 2003, rates among african americans were 20 times higher than whites. In 1981, it was 11 times higher.