If you have aortic valve stenosis can you ride roller coasters?

Depends. It depends on how severe the aortic stenosis is. If mild, there should be no problem. If severe, the stress could cause strain on the heart and lead to serious problems. Usually, if it is that severe, the condition is treated. One should directly consult one's cardiologist to answer this question.
Not a good idea. Aortic stenosis can have syncope (fainting), dyspnea (difficulty breathing), and angina. It is instructed to avoid strenuous activity in severe aortic stenosis, even if there are no symptoms. So roller coasters are not a good option with this condition, especially if it is severe.

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Is it safe to ride roller coasters if you have aortic valve stenosis?

Depends on the sever. For mild to moderate stenosis, probably little to no risk. For severe disease, would check with your heart doctor.

If you have aortic valve stenosis is it safe to ride the roller coasters?

Maybe. If it is mild, it would not be a problem. If moderate you would need to ask your cardiologist specifically. If severe, no.

What are my life restrictions if I have mild aortic valve stenosis?

Maybe none. With mild as you may not have any restrictions. You will need regular cardiac follow-up. Ask your cardiologist to be sure.
None currently. Typically none with mild or moderate stenosis as long as there is nothing else going on, but should be monitored by a cardiologist over time and your individual case discussed.

What is icd-9 of aortic valve stenosis?

424.1. The closest I have been able to find is 424.1, aortic valve disorders. I cannot find a specific code for stenosis.
424.1. There is no specific code for aortic stenosis. There is only a code for aortic valve disease. There is also a code specifically for rheumatic aortic stenosis which is 395.0 finally there is 395.2 which is for rheumatic aortic stenosis and insufficiency.