If I do not ejaculate into my girlfriend during intercourse, can I still get genital warts?

Yes. Whether or not one ejaculates has no bearing on whether or not you can get genital warts (hpv). Hpv is passed though direct skin-to-skin contact of the genital area.
Yes. Human papilloma virus (hpv ) which causes warts is not merely spread in the ejaculate, but is actually present in the skin. Any contact in which two genitals touch, even with external rubbing, can cause the spread of genital warts.

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If my boyfriend does not ejaculate into me during intercourse, can I still get genital warts?

Yes. The ejaculate is not the only materail that can spred the virus. Your partner may have unseen lesions on his penis or in the urine tunnel that can hide the virus. The mechanical movements and fluids of sex can pass this on to you even if he does not ejaculate. Read more...
Yes. Yes.Not ejaculating inside of you doesn t do much for you. You can still get pregnant, because sperms sometimes can leak out during sexual intercourse. Also all std are transmitted not from sperm but from the cells of your partner penis rubbing against the cells inside your vagina. Only way to protect yourself properly from std is using condoms. Read more...