Should I take vitamin d or any other supplement or anything for thyroidism?

Vitamin D won't help. If you truly have hypothyroidism the treatment is to take thyroid hormone prescribed by a doctor who has reviewed your thyroid test results. Vitamin d is not the treatment for thyroid problems.

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Hello. . Hello. I am wondering if your hypothyroidism is being treated there are many general physicians who feel comfortable treating thyroid conditions. Internal medicine doctors and endocrinologists also take care of endocrine conditions. Approaches are usually similar. If you have a number of conditions, it may require require different supplements as well as medications. If your hypothyroidism is not being treated, i would ask your provider about this. Read more...

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Yes, but. It would be potentially dangerous and possibly illegal depending upon the source of the amphetamines. Why put something in your body that is harmful and can potentially kill you? Also get off the armour thyroid, which is ground up pig tissue and have your doctor put you on brand name T4 replacement, which is better and safer. Read more...