I have been reading about the disadvantage of having an allograft put in during ACL surgery. True?

There are pros+cons. Each graft option for aclr has pros/cons. Pros of allograft include quicker early recovery; cons include longer incorporation/maturation time, higher failure rates in young athletes, and very very low potential risks of disease transmission. Age<25, higher demand athletes should in general have autograft based on current literature; talk to your md; he/she should discuss options in detail.
Availability. Besides simplicity , availability allograft acl repair is not bad, harvesting your own petellar graft is slightly better, but requires additional procedure.

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I had allograft ACL surgery almost one year ago today. I still have terrible pain in my entire leg. Pain that does not let me sleep, or do much of the daily activity I used to have. I need a solution. The pain ranges from tight muscles in my thigh and cal

Go to your surgeon. you had surgery a year ago on your knee and now you are having pain in the same leg why you do not go and see your surgeon if they can help first or if it is related to your knee surgery or not at least you can have an answer of why you are having these symptoms and you could be referred to the appropriate speciaslist the pain is not going to go away bu itself go and see your doctor good luck. Read more...