Does naturopathic allergy testing work well?

Buyer be ware. There are many practitioners out there that are doing things that they call allergy testing that don't have any basis in science or reality. Be sure you see a board certified allergist for evaluation for allergy to be sure you are getting the best possible care!
No. There is no scientific evidence that naturopathic allergy testing is valid. Igg food testing has no value what so ever. The suggestions that igg causes food allergy is not true. Furthermore, with regards to food allergy it is the history which should elucidate the cause of the allergy with appropriate testing to support the history.
Seriously? Holistic and naturopath doctors aren't real doctors. Doctors go they years of rigorous training based on scientific method. This means if something can't be reproduced with research it is rejected. There is no such standard for holistic/naturopaths. ". Why would you listen to them ? Be careful and watch your wallet. They are usually trying to sell you something .

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Does naturopathic allergy testing really work?

I'm not convinced. I had naturopathic allergy testing and clearing for my "sugar" allergy. I remain unconvinced and frankly a bit appalled at the audacity of the technique. That's my opinion. Read more...