Advice? Would solar retinopathy lead to permanent blindness?

Partial loss. Solar retinopathy occurs when the sun or a bright light like a laser is focused long enough on one spot of the retina to thermally damage the light receptors. It will cause loss of vision in that area alone but the rest of the eye will remain visually normal. Ophthalmologists treat some retinal conditions with focused laser which destroys that spot but the rest of the retina remains the same.

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Will solar retinopathy lead to permanent blindness? Please help me docs!

Solar retinopathy. can lead to varying degrees of loss of vision depending upon how long the person was looking at the light source. Some of the patients I have seen with partial loss can end up with a small scotoma (blind spot) while other more severe cases have dropped to lego blindness. Once the retinal tissue has been compromised it does not return. Read more...

Please let me know if there is any treatment for solar retinopathy?

None. In this condition, the intense light of the sun has been focused on a small spot on the retina which literally cooks those light receptive cells. These cells donot regrown or regenerate, leaving a blind spot at that point. No medical or surgical therapy is possible although there will be some adaptation so the missing part of the view will be less obviousl. Read more...