Is it normal for techs not to give you the results of an abdominal ultrasound scan?

Standard procedure. The technicians training is focused on producing a quality study, like a photograph in focus. This may include figuring out how to get an image of an area behind a bladder or locating an elusive pancreas or gland. Though they may come to understand some of what is in the picture, their expertise is getting the picture, not recognizing all the stuff in it. The dr is trained to sort out the images.
Required. Techs are asked to do the technical aspect of obtaining ultrasound images. The results are given to the doctor to interpret and he will communicate this to the patient. Techs are not placed in the position of transferring this information to the patient and should not be legally responsible for the results. This is up to the doctor.
Yes. They are trained to take the images. Physician must interpret the findings.