I'm a man, should I get human papilloma virus vaccine to avoid genital warts and cancer?

Yes! Yes, of course! the vaccine has been approved for men and boys for two years now (gardisil that is, Cervarix is not approved for boys/men yet). It is approved for the prevention of anal cancer and it's precursors caused by hpv and genital warts as well.
Yes. The vaccine has been approved by the fda for ages 9-26 in men. The biggest advantage of the vaccine is to reduce the spread of the virus to women, which can be aided by reducing the number of men with the virus. Male genital cancer is much rarer than female cervical cancer, so the major benefit is preventing some types of warts an spread to women.
Maybe yes. Hpv vaccine is now approved for boys and men. Males can choose to get the vaccine to help stop the spread of hpv to women, who risk developing cervical cancer from hpv. Males do get some benefit, as they themselves get protection against some genital and anal warts, and perhaps some anal cancers. Researchers are looking for evidence that hpv vaccine protects against some throat cancers.
Yes. Not so much for cancer, as hpv causes no medical concern to the man other than genital warts, but vaccination of the man can prevent warts and transmission to the woman.

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How long (months/years) can you have HPV (human paploma virus) before you start getting genital warts?

A few months. About 2/3rds of people who are exposed to the hpv strains that cause genital warts (type 6 and 11 are most common) will develop warts. The incubation time is variable but somewhere between 3 weeks and 8 months. Read more...