Are some types of schizophrenia not all that bad?

Less debilitating. I have a few pts who r able to keep a job marry & have children--they were diagnosed & treated early their families supportive they were insightful & compliant & may have had a milder form of the illness.
Shades of grey. No forms of schizophrenia are good or bad, we are entering an era of genopharmacology where we can MAP your genes and find out what meds will suit u rather than hit and run, brain disorders are like blood pressure and diabetes, early diagnosis , and early treatment, new meds like atypicals and new research will continue changing our directions, it is Dopamine , serotonin, imbalance, in brain pathways.
Probably not . Are you asking whether some types of schizophrenia worse than others? They are several different types of schizophrenia and they all can be quite devastating. However some people can experience less severe symptoms than others, or their treatment, ie medication, can be more effective for these patients than others, lessening the impact of the disease on the individual.