One of the worst things is having to sit in a room full of women in gowns waiting for mammogram. Cant help counting and knowing x will have ca.?

No Mammo worst. Women getting mammography are usually the lucky ones. They are usually on top of the issue and less likely to die from breast cancer. Early detection is good and saves many. Many small early detected ca's are successfully treated. Be glad for those being tested.
It's important. You are right! statistics show that approx 3 out of 100 women over the age of 40 will develop breast cancer over the next 10 years. It is important to remember that mammograms and self breast exams are vital tools for early detection, and early detection offers the best chance at cure.
Lives saved. I understand your anxiety but try to imagine how many lives are saved every year by early dictation of breast ca through mammography. Years ago in a gyn office, you would thinking of how many women would eventually die of breast ca.
True, but on a positive note, you and the women you are sitting with are taking steps to maximize the chance that if unfortunately someone is going to get breast cancer, it will have been detected at an earlier,curable stage.