Help please? How old do you have to be to get the coolsculpting procedure done?

You must be 18. Coolsculpting is an interesting, safe technique that can reduce stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to exercise away. While results are less dramatic than a procedure like liposuction, there is no down time, no anesthesia required, and no major risks. Our patients can go back to work or exercise later in the day of treatment. Most people require more than one treatment for best results.
Coolsculpting. You are 40, thats certainly old enough.
No age limits. There is no maximum or minimum age for getting that CoolSculpting treatment. That being said, if a clinic does CoolSculpting on minors, they will need parental consent. Older patients may have more skin laxity which is not treated with the CoolSculpting, younger patients tend to get better results. For more info see:
No age . The procedure can be done in any age group. It is safe and effective.