Can you tell me about the best way to get rid of dark spots, from popping shave bumps.?

Stop popping them. A steroid cream might be applied to decrease inflammation. Exfoliation may be recommended to remove dead skin cells with retinoids. For secondary infections your physician may recommend oral or topical antibiotics.

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Can any doc tell me what's the best way to get rid of dark spots from popping shave bumps?

Let them heal. When you pick at these bumps they develop tiny wounds that become hyperpigmented and look dark. A lot of c=acne does this. First stop picking them. Second use a good daily cleanser preferably one with glycolic acid 5-10% that will help exfoliate the tissues. If no change add a pigment tonr like hydroquinone but see a dermatologist at that point. If you leave them alone in the future you will be of.