I get what I think are herpes outbreaks but my shingles never came back. Is it gone forever?

No. Herpes & shingles (herpes zoster virus) hide out in the body (nerve root) & reappear when triggered by stress (illness, emotional stress, etc). Usually the first outbreak of herpes is the strongest & subsequent ones tend to be milder. Most people do not get more than one outbreak of shingles, but it is possible.
No. Herpes zoster virus sits in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord after a person has had chicken pox. It can result in shingles when the patient has decreaesed immumity.Such a situation occurs when a person is fatigued, weak from trauma, or immunosuppressed from chemotherapy. It is recommended certain adults to get the varicella vaccination to decrease the risk of shingles with itsl pain, suffering..