Is epidural injection of steroids effective for back pain?

Yes. Yes is effective if it is done by the right person for the right diagnosis , may have to be repeated once or twice.
It not easy? To start with both have the same symptoms it hard to tell. The only way you could tell by the doing MRI on your shoulder. The second thing you could do sometime by treatment, sprain could get better with treatment but the tear not.
Let me explain. Stiff neck could happen to migraine patient in the initial stage of the episode, also could happen in the final stages of the migraine, but should last too long, if did check with your doctor. Good luck thank you.
It can be. Depends on the reason for why you have back pain, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or even facet arthropathy? Then yes an epidural injection can be helpful. Speak with a pain/spine specialist to determine what is right for you.
Definitely. I almost always recommend epidural injections when pt, and other modalities has failed to help the patients. This is one step before considering surgery. Also it can help the location of the pain.
Yes. As long as the pain is due to inflammation of the nerves in the epidural space (radiculopathy), they may be helpful. Steroid injections don't help muscle pain and they work best when used as part of a comprehensive pain management system. Your pain management doc will examine MRI and take history to see if you'd benefit from these or other procedures.