What is the difference between parathyroid and the thyroid?

Thyroid vs parathyro. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland at the front of the neck. It is involved with metabolism. The parathyroid glands just happen to live next to the thyroid. They are responsible for maintaining the proper calcium level in the blood. .

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What is the difference between the parathyroid and the thyroid?

Calcium/Metabolism. Parathyroid are a group of 4 endocrin glands located behind the Thyroid gland.Produces Hormone that controls the Calcium in our bodies.How much Calcium is in your bones and in Blood. Thyroid is also an Endocrine Gland located in Neck and produces Thyroxin(T4) (Hormone) which controls Metabolism,growth and development and temperature.Thyroid also produces another hormone calledTriiodothyronine(T3) Read more...