Why do you get a strange taste in your mouth when you have a cold or flu?

Mucous. The odd taste is probably from the post nasal mucous drip. It can all be caused by the virus and there could be a sinus infection and the taste may be from the bacterial discharge you are swallowing.

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I have a cold or flu I'm coughing n sinus congestion I looked in my throat my uvula is like stringy hanging down touching my tongue is this something l souls be concerned about? I think it's making me cough more Is there anything I can take for it to shri

Enlarged uvula. Swollen uvula you describe is extremely uncomfortable and does cause coughing and chocking sensation. a. no hot drinks. Cool or cold drinks b no gargling c. Clear.ease lozenges are papain/bromelain that reduce this type of swelling. If it remains long and bothersome, removal can be done in the office. Read more...